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These teams will be composed of 8-10 players, learning the game of basketball and picking up the skills and IQ to help them succeed at the NEXT LEVEL. The players can expect to compete in local and and will fall under our developmental program unless selected for an UPSTATE schedule.

Tournament Season

Tournament season will begin in late March/early April and run through mid/late June; possibly early July. Teams on the SILVER schedule will conclude their season with a nationals tournament IF THE TEAM QUALIFIES. Teams on the BRONZE schedule will train heavily and play in local tournaments at the discretion of the trainers and coaches ! A tournament schedule is TBD and will be posted at a later date.

10u/12u Team Fees Include...

  • Gym Rental/Insurance

  • Uniform(s)

  • Event Registration

  • Coaching Expenses

Fees DO NOT include travel expenses!

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