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Next Level Elites Player Development Program's goal is to develop the athlete into the best basketball player they can be using the same intense, progressive techniques taught at the collegiate and professional levels. The program contains various options; individual, small group or team training curriculum based on the skill set(s) and needs of the athletes.

Each session lasts 60 to 120 minutes. The player or group may register for as few or as many as they desire; although we recommend that any individual or group deciding to take part in the developmental program, sign up for a minimum 5 sessions to ensure the necessary time needed for the player to understand, develop, and improve their skill set.

Visit Fun N Mentals to learn more about our youth and Midlands based training program!


Individual Training:

These sessions are for players who seek 1 on 1 attention to maximize their skill development. Contact one of our coaches or trainers to schedule a session.

Small Group Training:

Small group workouts typically consist of 3-5 players. Please contact a coach or view the news and events section of the home page for the most recent small group training session.

Group / Team Training:

Team training sessions are geared toward developing individual skills and IQ within a team environment. We have experience ranging from the youth level to the college ranks.

Coach Development:

This option is tremendous for young and inexperienced coaches looking to increase overall knowledge for player development. Learn new concepts, drills, techniques and teaching methods.

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