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As of 2021, Next Level Elite Basketball has had 14 players earn scholarships to play basketball at the college level. 10 of those graduated from our 2023 class. This is not only a testament to our staff for networking with college programs but a huge display of hard work and dedication from our athletes. For the past 2 years, our freshmen, sophomores and juniors have been asked to visit numerous schools in the Southeast. Our Next Level Elite FAMILY is dedicated to the overall development and exposure of it's athletes. 


Players who compete for Next Level Elite are dedicated year round to all aspects of basketball. We look for athletes who are committed to being in the gym, excelling in the classroom and being role models in their communities. Next Level Elite athletes are committing to all practices and events in March, April, May and July. Our athletes and parents have benefitted from making this commitment by being rewarded with lifelong bonds, memories and athletic scholarships.



To educate, empower and inspire young athletes by providing guidance and high quality training to advance in all aspects of life.


  • To develop better athletes. teammates, and people

  • To provide personalized and elite training/practice for every athlete

  • To provide a positive and enjoyable experience for every parent and athlete

  • To improve the overall quality of basketball in South Carolina

  • To develop readiness for athletes to succeed at the NEXT LEVEL


Next Level Athletes are expected to...

  • Be on time to every event, practice, training session and team/player meeting

  • Show up focused and prepared to compete and grind at a high level. Laziness and excuses WILL NOT be accepted.

  • Always show respect towards teammates and coaches. Disrespect WILL NOT be tolerated and can result in dismissal from the program.

  • Maintain passing grades in each of their classes. STUDENT-athlete!

  • Communicate with parents and coaches promptly regarding information and concerns.

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